Monday, April 22, 2019 Review is not your ordinary gay dating site. Want to know what makes it stand out from the rest? Squirt specializes in gay and bi men hookups or no-string encounters in many interesting cruising locations. Though the idea of meeting up with strangers and hooking up rather than dating may not sound appealing to some, those looking for gay excitement will be thrilled to embark journeys to hidden hotspots, and engage in illicit hot gay hookups.

Furthermore, Squirt is the most inclusive site that’s ranked as the most welcoming with the diversity of male members. The site boasts of holding the key to your fantasies, almost knowing your desires and daydreams of anonymous encounters. Gay cruising couldn’t be easier, be it at the park, gym, beach dune, local washroom, library study carrel, gay club, bathhouse, and just about anywhere you’ve dreamed about.

Signing up at is easy and does not require any upfront payment. Now wouldn’t you agree that the best things in life are free? The site may not be the easiest to navigate, given all that Squirt has to offer and the features they’ve managed to pack in this hookup site for gay and bi men. No wonder, there are now over 500,000 profiles of guys coming from different parts of the globe, including the US, UK, and Europe. Checking out one profile gives you a good view not only of the man’s physique but his sexual preferences and other things you might want to know. However, since cruising is typically the art of seeking men with anonymity a huge factor, you really wouldn’t bother too much about other guys in great detail. The information are presented are relative to where you wish to cruise and , with tons of explicit and perhaps attractively arousing pictures. Member profiles also display ratings in terms of the individual’s ‘performance’ so you can gauge if this is the guy for you who would meet your standards, based from both feedback and photos.

Once registered, you can immediately search for profiles with the quick search option. You get fast results, but are limited to location or proximity. If you have a particular place you want to cruise, like a sauna or park, then it’s best to make use of the advanced search option to input your specifications and get streamlined results. Upgraded members are privileged to fine-tune their cruising adventure with the option to select specific cities and denote exactly how far they’d like to travel to a certain cruising spot right on the target search. If you are looking for some quick action, ‘Cruise Now’ gives you all cruising listings within your registered location to hook up with someone nearby on that very day.

One click pre-configured searches makes finding other men easier by letting you search for videos and filter them according to newest, highest rated, and the most viewed clips. You can email other members directly, which is set by default, but if you want real-time response you are free to use IM to chat and a webcam for enhanced online communication. There are private and group webcam shows that are often very revealing and explicitly features guys on their own webcams.

On the other hand, if you’re the type who really does not want to get this involved with other members, there are a myriad of ways to connect and still get to fully enjoy cruising. Free members can access cruising listings but are restricted from viewing pictures, maps, contact or website information, printing directions, and are limited to only one video per day. Fan Club members are entitled to unlimited access to everything and have the opportunity to have their profile listed on top of search results, and are given priority assistance as necessary. You can join for just a week and get the hang of cruisin’ and find your way around the gay hookup site. This would cost you just about $1 per day, but can drop to as low as $0.43 if you choose a month’s membership, and an even lowly amount of $0.24 only for annual membership!

Cruising is made quite convenient, fun, discreet, exciting, matched with great value for your money at Always exercise caution once you decide to venture to a cruising spot, and it’s best to read the Squirt site’s guide to gay cruising as well as comments, reviews, and advice from those who’ve been there and done that. The site has vast useful features and helpful tools for gay and bi men to get you on the right cruising track. You don’t have to learn things the hard way, but you could always learn from the experience of others which Squirt members gladly share. Just don’t expect old-fashioned gay romance and you’re off to hooking up in the most heavenly places on earth!

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