Monday, April 22, 2019


We all need love. Dating is one good way of finding love and a life partner. My ladyboy date is a very interesting dating site that has over the years transformed lives by creating a platform for people to find their perfect match in life.

My ladyboy site covers all countries in the world and is a well trusted place for getting the right person for a serious relationship that could lead to marriage. This dating site is for the ladyboys as they are special women and it helps them get the perfect men for them.

For the ladyboys, there arises many controversies around their love lives because they are rare as well. Their transsexual nature makes it difficult for most people to understand them as well as fully accepting them. However, because of their transsexuality, most of them get confused because of the extra attention that they get but at the end of it all, they are still special women that need love.

My ladyboy site makes it possible for the ladyboys to get foreign boyfriends which is a chance to meet people of different cultures and traditions and with this, people are able to get to know new methods of living. Most of the transwomen are stable with good jobs therefore do not take the chance to rely completely on their boyfriends for financial aid.

The ladyboys in the site are all gorgeous and their portfolio is good enough to attract any serious man. The people behind the working and organization of the site is a team of well dedicated ladyboys who have dedicated their time to find the perfect match for their clients. The transgender dating is very interesting and brings meaning to people.

Because most of the transsexual women are very independent, most of them end up neglecting their social life and the dating for lady boys site comes in as a very handy solution to this problem The transgender woman is a unique one and having a transgender identity must not be a hindrance for one to find love.

Special measure has been taken to keep off fake clients who may want to use the sight for their own selfish reasons such as pornography or prostitution for making money. All the people included in the site are all serious people who are honest and are looking for love online.

My ladyboy date is a very well-known dating site in Asia known by many transsexual women. It is among the first dating site that actually works in helping people find love. It was formed with the major mission of helping out transgender women, to get equal rights, when it comes to the matters of love. The transgender women are so common in South East Asia, where they are commonly referred to as the ladyboys.

Many dating sites for the transgender woman have been existing online but they have never taken the transsexual women seriously as most of them have been used for the business of porn and prostitution. This is one of the reasons that led to the creation of the My ladyboy site which believed in creating a descent platform for these special women to get nice guys interested in them.

The dating site is controlled purely by women and the headquarters is based in the Philippines. It is a fact that the society views the ladyboy differently and this makes it hard for them to get a serious relationship going on for them. This project was formed in order to change the perspective of the society on the transgender women and help them live normal and free in a world that does not alienate them. The project is aimed at proving to the world that the t6ransgender women are more than just sexual workers and social scammers as they have been put by the previous dating sites.

Perfect love stories that have been successful and which resulted from this dating site include the stories of couples such as Joey and Paula who are from USA and Brazil respectively, Marc from Germany and Loren from Philippines and also Peter and Chloe.

Other couples that have successfully met and dated by the help of the site include Gabrielle and Rex, who have dated for one year now, Joel and Carla, not forgetting Frederic and Gabiara.

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